You spilled my beer! yes.yes.yes...

Last week I went and got my car serviced, routine maintenance, and stopped by the Honda dealership some of my old friends from Saturn now work at. Turns out quite a few people from the old "team" work there since Saturn has gone kaput. After talking with Jarod and Donny for a while, I told them to hit me up the next time they were going out. Over the weekend I saw that Honda was hiring a cashier, that's what I did at Saturn among other things, hmm... I end up getting a call from Jarod, and I meet them out at Maloney's for some beers and Golden Tee. Thanks to the both of you guys for spottin' me a few, I had a great time.

This morning I go to Honda to make sure I put myself in the running for this new position, and lo and behold I run into a few more old teammates, with everyone saying they'll put in the good word for me. It may not be glamorous, and it turns out it's not even for Honda, it's for another aspect of the Joe Marina dealership...I'd actually be right back in my old office! But if it pays more than what unemployment is offering I'd be a fool to pass up a chance to work with some old friends again. A job I can get behind and care about going to and have people who definitely support my artistic contributions to the world. It was at Saturn that I did most of the original "In A Handbasket" cartoons.

So here's to hoping I get the call back and having those strings to pull actually amounts to something. As much as I love being lazy and enjoy my me-time, George Bernard Shaw said, "A perpetual holiday is a good working definition of hell."

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