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You may have seen recently that I signed with an independent publisher, Ant Colony Press. Things have moved along at a nice clip, going through editing, copy editing, and even designing a cover for my soon to be released novel, IN THE HOUSE OF IN BETWEEN. It is with great pleasure that I get to share that cover with you now, here:

There it is. That's a thing. Designed by Ant Colony Press's founder, Jordan Belcher, that's the door through which you must pass to enter into a world that sprang forth from my mind starting back in 2012. And now there is a knocking to gain your attention. To further whet your appetite, I also give you the back of the book synopsis:
The Backlund House is haunted, but no one knows why. No violence has taken place there, no one has died within its walls. Over the course of a century, no one has determined what—or who—haunts the storied property.
Even Phoebe Backlund, who built her family’s dream home, has no explanation for the events that take pl…

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