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Chester Bennington - 1976-2017

Linkin Park was one of those guilty pleasure bands. Yeah, they’re one of those bands that sounds like they are locked in the early 00’s, rap/rock, precursor to screamo—but there was something from the jump that attracted me. Good production, a couple of singers I could emulate at the top of my lungs alone in my car well enough, lyrics that spoke to me. That’s really it. That’s something I learned with 2003’s Meteora. I was at my worst, and like an enigmatic speaker at the pulpit who sounds they’re speaking directly to you about your issues, Meteora spoke to my issues. Songs like Somewhere I Belong spoke to my persistent displacement, my constant search for home; Lying from You, Easier to Run, and Figure.09, all words from my own brain on dealing with grief and guilt. And that’s exactly where I was when the album came out, dealing with grief and guilt. The album is barely over half an hour long and there were accusations of sophomore-itis, and at first, I felt that. I wished the album w…

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