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The Long and Winding Road

A novel, any story really, any art really, takes time to gestate. Some creators might sit on ideas for years, abandoning it, coming back to it, working and tweaking here and there, like doing tricks with a yo-yo. My debut novel (note, not my first novel) In the House of In Between was just such an idea that took some time to finally find the light of day. All the way back in October of 2007, I had an idea, just a simple idea, and I wrote it down in a Word document and tucked it into a folder where I sometimes stuff ideas that don't have meat yet. Here is what I wrote, on a whim, that day:
"In the House of In-between:A Ghost Story: The first official tale set in Malaise, a supernatural thriller surrounding a medium and her scams set in the house that sits on the pathway between the two Earths."
Of course, the book that comes out March 20th, 2018, is quite different from that initial idea, but it was a seed that would grow.
It really starts all the way back in my senior y…

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