Mother's Day

I haven't celebrated Mother's Day in your typical fashion since I was in High School, over 10 years. I'll save the particulars of why for another post, but I have always tried to honor the women in my life. The Precious, however, is beginning her three month long celebration. Being out of work and needing to watch myself financially, I bought her a gift of necessity: bed sheets. But I also surprised her today with some flowers after getting home from a morning out with my Dad.

Mother's Day is a time to thank any mother, your mom, your grandma, your significant other who has given birth. So I'd like to thank any woman, in my life or otherwise, for putting up with a guy or a kid. I know we all grate on your nerves, when you want nothing more than to watch a marathon of America's Next Top Model, we're yelling at the dogs. But you love us anyway, even through the venomous stare or the five finger death punch. I know that it's only because you care that you would rather drink lava than listen to us talk for another twenty minutes. You only want 15 cats because you just have that much love to spare. Thank you for sparing just a little bit for us.

Happy Mother's Day!

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