Today is Tomorrow's Yesterday

Yesterday I started my day as I have started each day: see off the Precious and the Toot, coffee & breakfast, news in the background as I pour over job listings. Still more medical jobs... I decided maybe I needed to capitalize on some "me" time. I headed out to Southern Hills and made an appointment for a massage at the spa. They could get me in in an hour, so I sat in the hotel lobby and edited one chapter to completion and started a new one while I waited. After my massage, I headed out on some errands for the AmberLynn, and did some job hunting.

Long ago I used to work in some book stores, B. Dalton, Waldenbooks, Barnes & Noble, and Borders. I live close to a B&N now and noticed a manager I used to work with was still there. I talked to her, explaining my position and wondering what advancement opportunities were like, pay, etc. Not pretty. I'll actually make more money accepting unemployment than if I took a job there as a bookseller. That's awfully disparaging. I also went to a Best Buy close to home, but they're suffering due to some construction in front of the store and suggested one of their other stores. The only good thing there was running into an old friend, though she was looking to get out of there as soon as she could, so, again, disparaging. I hit the mall, I've seen the big department stores are hiring, but everyone seemed to be occupied (a good sign in business right?) so I didn't get to learn about their career paths but if B&N is paying almost half of what I was making previously, I can't feel too confident that a mall shop is going to offer much more. There's a tattoo shop in the mall, though. That was kinda weird to see.

While I was at B&N I picked up the 2010 Novel & Short Story Writer's Market, I'm going to polish some recent short stories to a high gloss shine and try to sell them for some cash. I'm not expecting to make a living, but it would certainly be a confidence and credibility booster. The dilemma I'm facing in this new instant gratification world is should I approach e-zines or actual print publications?

This morning I went through the same rigmarole, still more medical jobs, and appropriately a bunch of Cracker Barrel listings in Spanish. Happy Cinco de Mayo! Nothing to apply for, dammit. So today I'm thinking, before it gets hella windy tomorrow, I'll go to the zoo and take some pictures. I like the zoo, it's kind of some exercise, walking and such. But then I thought, hey, maybe a zoo job would be cool, so a little while ago I submitted my resume to their HR department. So far this week I've applied with two places, St. John's and the Tulsa Zoo, and reactivated my status with a temp agency. This stuff sucks.

Regarding last night's episode of Lost: I liked it, thought it moved the pieces further into place, but let me tell you, I'm pissed. The writer's have dicked around with Sun & Jin since all of last season until the last new episode two weeks ago and now that they're together and reconciled? Drowned. Bye you lovely couple of gratifying redemption, you're purpose has been served, the Island is done with you.

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