And it begins (ends?) again...

So, yesterday, the last day of April 2010 was my last day of work at Hilti, Inc. Technically I worked there for just under four years (almost a year as a temp before being hired). Sadly, this isn't the first time I've been in this position! After the events of 9/11/2001 the economy took a turn for the worse and I lost a steady gig at a Saturn dealership. I was out of work for almost six months, living with a roommate, out on my own for the first time as a young adult. Stupidly (hindsight's 20/20, right?), I used credit cards to make ends meet, paying bills, rent, car payment and such all on credit. Got myself into a bad situation. I got back into work despite some personal trials besides amassing debt, and jumped around careers until finding myself back at Saturn. Eventually a lucrative opportunity presented itself in the form of then doing awesomely well Cingular Wireless. Worked there for around three years and found myself terminated on some trumped up charges (I failed a mystery shop of all things, but trust, some other shit was going down). So, here I am again, out of work (only laid off this time, thanks to a bad economy again!). Does the three strikes rule count? Can I just go to the dugout and wait for the game to end?

Unfortunately, no, I've got to get back into it, and quick! This morning I've already applied for unemployment benefits, the website claiming I qualify. Truthfully I don't want any of their money. I'd like to get right back to work. I don't want this uncertainty hanging over my head! Part of me weighs the possibility of taking some time off, no matter where I end up working next it'll be a while before I can take some time off. It's been a stressful last three months knowing April 30th was going to be my last day. Even worse is the fact I have applied for so many jobs similar to functions I've performed before only to get no response short of robot-auto-responses. So, the dilemma begins. Do I take some short-change retail job that'll have me working nights and weekends to try and make ends meet? Do I wait on a temp agency to find me another position? Regardless, if there's any downtime to deal with, I certainly don't want to be wasting away in my living room.

I've set a goal to write 10k words a day with my time off. Is that possible? A lofty goal, sure, but basically an eight hour working day, doing what I want to do as a career anyway. Sometimes words come quickly, sometimes it's a struggle to find the right adjective to give a scene that certain splash of color. Other times it's a matter of editing to make something concise. This is a career I've desired for years, and not one to typically launch someone into fame over night, but there's a measure of control, it's my ability that will determine my success. Not like buying a lotto ticket. I'll also seek to publish some of my more recent short stories, either in physical 'zines or electronic venues. I'd love to get back into the swing of things. Being published while I was in High School was so exhilarating and that boost to my confidence (everyone needs it, don't call me narcissistic!) could be what I need to really push the novel to completion.

I decided to start this blog to chronicle such events, my writing, my job search, drawing, video games, movies, the daily grind. Will I be an internet sensation?

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