Episodic Content

Today was my first official day of unemployment. Unfortunately, I can't say what I did today. It's like a fog, I had issues trying to log into the website of the temp agency that initially gotten me the job at Hilti. So I figured, I'm going to need to go in anyway, take their tests, give them an updated resume...you know, I'll be proactive. NOPE! I go to their office and they act like they want everything done online. Okay, sure. Gave me my sign-in and had me on my merry way. Had lunch with my Dad, we shot the shit. It'll come as no surprise we're planning on seeing Iron Man 2. Then I picked up some pet supplies, came home, walked the dogs, set up my temp profile, then went through 450 job listings on the unemployment web site. Want to know how many leads I followed up on?!?! 1. One. Uno. Less than two but more than none. Everything was either medical or bunk. Oh well. I guess it's gonna just be one in the end anyway.

This morning while eating breakfast and then screwing with the internet I "watched" the 2006 version of Night of the Living Dead. Did you know it was supposed to be in 3D? I looked up at it a few times...there was the really gimmicky 3D shit, like the pothead offering the screen a joint, blowing a smoke ring, there was a zombie getting shot with juices flying at the viewer, a bullet flying from a gun. It was the height of cliche. I won't fault it. It had Sid Haig. The zombies weren't that great, but the blonde bitch who got her head bit off had a nice rack. Oh yeah, that was a selling point, "an homage and re-imagining of the original movie, but updated with gratuitous nudity." It wasn't even that gratuitous. But, it had Sid Haig.

I did finally get to writing, a little while ago actually. Finished up a chapter...only wrote a little under 500 words. Hardly ten thousand, but like I said, today has been foggy.

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