I am what is affectionately known as a wuss...

The Precious requested I assist her on repairs for the old house, the one I'm extremely glad to be away from. Parts of the floor need to be leveled from beneath. You know, the crawl space under the house. I've crawled under things before. Sometimes it's fun, it's like exploring. When the AmberLynn's father-unit removed the door to get under the house, I was greeted with a hive of slugs.

Here's where my first inclination that this was not a job I could perform occurred. I hate slugs. Snails. Mollusks. Worms. For some reason, anything spineless, this includes insects, bother me to the core. I'm not girly scared of them (yes I am), they disgust me, in the way dog shit bothers you, there is an animalistic urge to avoid these things in me. But I've got a chore to do. Surely further in it would be dryer, further from the exterior walls and the moisture.

But as I look in, seeing ducts criss-crossing the space that you must belly-crawl under and over, and slugs, and ancient trash, a cat skeleton (I didn't see it, but I know it's down there), and ants, which I am allergic to, I decided this is not something I'm capable or willing to do. For those of you who will laugh me off stage, fine, you do it. But I'm not, I'd pay a professional for this kind of job. Not only because that space is a place of nightmares for me personally, but because I wouldn't know what the hell I was doing anyway. I jury-rig things. I don't think a house's stability should rely on something make-shift.

Hopefully none of this matters anyway. I have an "interview" Monday morning! I put it in quotations because this may be one of those recruiter snafu's where I'm not really being interviewed by a company but by a headhunter. I have this feeling because I sent my resume and a detailed cover letter explaining my situation, recent history, and a bit about myself to this company's HR dept. based on their job listing. The lady who called me to set up the interview had no idea I had been laid off (the first thing in my cover letter) and asked that I bring a physical copy of my resume (why wouldn't she forward it?). So I basically sent my resume to a robot that kicked my phone number to a call-center gal. Oh well, an interview's an interview, maybe something will pan out.

It's a marketing firm that supposedly companies like Sears hire to create advertising campaigns and brand recognition. I have a feeling Sears has a marketing team. At Hilti I actually worked for the marketing department. We shall see.

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