Today saw the threats of storms. Threat. Here around midtown-Tulsa there was some rain, for a little while, around 7. No tornadoes, no hail, no booming thunder blasts, just rain. It made for a terribly depressing day. After screwing around on the internet looking for a job, I ran out to the other house to pull the trash cans (which had not been emptied, thanks City of Tulsa!) back to the side of the house so they wouldn't be blown down the street. It drizzled my entire time out. It was only wet as I got back home to job hunt again and then work on the Circus sized strip I uploaded earlier today.

Now I'm back online, gave the job listings another once over, and am back on my personal soapbox. I don't really have anything to complain about today, other than being dreadfully bored thanks to a dreary day.

Oh wait, as I'm sitting her, that MacGruber preview just came on. Can I say, please, that I would much rather have had a "serious" MacGyver movie?

So I'm watching "How the Universe Works." Galaxies and stars being the subject of these two episodes that have been on. Seeing this is nothing I haven't seen a hundred times before, but when they put things into perspective, that our own Milky Way is smaller than Andromeda, smaller than yet another, and another, until they reveal an ancient galaxy that glows gold that's like a million light years across. How many of those stars out there have planets? How many of those planets have life? Or intelligent civilizations? It's staggering. I'm glad I live in a time where I can "see" this science unfolding, that I am allowed to contemplate such ideas. It certainly helps making it through rainy days. But really, putting it into perspective, even rainy days are impressive.

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