Like every other girl-fearing nerd in the country, I and my Dad went to see Iron Man 2 today. I'll get to that. Every time I go see a movie, there are previews that I expect, your big event movies of the year that are put on everything from kids movies to your latest Vivid release. I plan my whole summer based on internet spoilers, previews, or foreknowledge of the latest sequel that I've been following since its initial installment was released. The trailer-pack for the copy of Iron Man 2 I saw gave me very little to be excited about.

As I explain in my bio here, I like my entertainment to be fantastical, not real, or realistic. That doesn't meant I don't like entertainment that takes place in the real world, but especially for going to the theater, I enjoy a big escape experience. Robin Hood was previewed. It could be argued that this will be historical in nature, perhaps events like the ones portrayed happened, but it's probably nothing I would ever experience. It also has Russell Crowe and is directed by Ridley Scott. It'll probably suck, but I'll probably check it out anyway. Can you really top Prince of Thieves? "Be thankful it wasn't a spoon."

There was a pretty funny preview for an Adam Sandler movie called "Grown Ups," a more fleshed out preview for the new Shrek movie (though I heard the third one sucked and have yet to see it...I like the first two, though), and some other forgettable previews.

A-Team. Hmm. When I was a kid, A-Team and Knight Rider came on back to back and I loved it. The new Knight Rider show that didn't even make it a season? I contributed to that failure by not even checking it out once. This film remake of the A-Team has Liam Neeson in it, though! He played a bored-looking Zeus in the new mediocre Clash of the Titans. I thought it was strange that he would be in movies being released so close together. I don't know the production histories on these films and others he's working/ed on for this year, but I can't help but wonder if the guy is burying himself in his work. I feel for his loss and I hope he's at peace. A-Team looks neat and funny, maybe a little heavy handed in the wink-wink department, I'll catch it on TV someday I'm sure.

Ugh, this Twilight business! Is it wholesome, lovely vampires and hippy werewolves or not? I've not read the books. I like my vampires to be sexin' their victims and werewolves killing ruthlessly. But this new one, Eclipse? I think it showed all the interesting parts in the preview. "Bad" vampires are creating an army (okay, I've read and seen that a hundred times already) and the "good" vampires are going to team up with the Native-American skinwalkers who apparently have a strict policy against shoes and shirts (I bet going to the convenience store is out of the question for them) to have a big fight in some misty woods. Will there be blood? Somehow I don't care.

Then there's Inception. Chris Nolan's mind bender. I'm going to be blunt. I'm not impressed. It looks interesting. But I keep thinking it's the Matrix. As I was watching the trailer I was already trying to figure out what the surprise ending is going to be. Is ALL of it already one of the character's dreams? Will it be like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind? I'll probably see it, but if I'm already scrutinizing it, what does that say? Have I already seen this story so many times that it's impossible for me to enjoy a new iteration? Or is the well Hollywood writers are dipping from running dry?

Iron Man 2 was fun, a chapter in an evolving story I'm excited to see the next installment of. I must admit I was disappointed in the final act. Tony figured out his father's message awful quick and the final confrontation with Whiplash was, lackluster at best. He knocked down Tony, he knocked down Rhodey, they fire repulsar blast, done. Whhhhhhhaaaaatttt?!?!?! Iron Man vs Iron Monger at least lasted a few minutes! Bah, the rest of it was entertaining. "It tastes like coconut...and metal!"

I just wish "Hollywood" could produce some greatness again. So far it's sequels, remakes, and rehashes. But I guess as long as people are paying to see it, it'll keep coming to theaters.

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