What value a $

I am going to rant in order to justify a potential decision of my own and defend against the arguments of a friend who won't even read this, but I know what he would say because he's my friend. You are free to read said rant and comment your opinion of support, decent, or argument as you will.


Hmmm...this is extremely stupid, to access Hulu+ on the PS3 (or other gaming devices in the future) you will need to pay for Sony's premium value-added service which offers many things any self-respecting avid game player should already be in possession of. Truth be told, no, I do not already own Wipeout, though I played it a quite a bit on the old PS1 (or PSX as it was once called), nor do I own inFamous. Anyway, to get one premium service to work on my device of choice I will need to pay for another premium service, this is not added value, this is added dollar amount. HOWEVER! We currently pay over $80 in cable TV services (not including internet services) a month. There's usually nothing on. I DVR the stuff I want, so I end up skipping through commercials at an accelerated rate. Hulu, Netflix, and were I so devious to pirate something over an internet connection I am paying for, would offer a similar opportunity, only at my discretion. I could pick and choose what I watch, when I want to watch it, and with little-to-no commercial interruption. We could save over $500 a year paying for something stupid versus paying for something (nearly) useless. This seems like a no-brainer.

But here's the rub, I'm a PS3 and Wii owner (I have older generation stuff, we're just talking current-gen). I do not have an XBox 360. My best friend, the guy I mentioned, has been trying to get me to buy into Microsoft since, well, since he got one. But having to pay for multiplayer and the few other services an XBL Gold membership offers is what has honestly kept me at bay. Wii and PS3 offer online multiplayer for free. Is the user-base on those other systems there? No, but that confuses me. Why is everyone paying when there are free options out there? PSN+ is offering "free" stuff with a subscription; technically, if they release enough decent freebies, the service could pay for itself before the end of the subscription. XBL does this in a limited fashion as I understand it, but PSN will still be free for online multiplayer. What I am currently looking at is combining PSN+ and Hulu+ and an internet only household. Hulu+ will be coming to XBox next year, but I still can't help but feel people are getting robbed. Yeah, you can find Gold cards on the cheap at select retailers, thereby potentially saving even more money, but I don't own the XBox, so I would then need to buy one. Also that Gold is basically for the privilege of playing on dedicated servers with your "friends" I would have that nagging obligation to play. I don't want that. Feeling obligated to sit with my family in my own living room to enjoy entertainment options (movies, tv-shows, and games) is more enticing in my opinion.

So, in closing, I'm still looking at paying for garbage, but not quite so much as the 400 hundred channels of garbage I currently have. And since I already have a PS3 as an entertainment unit, I see no reason to get the 360 only to dump money into it for what appears to be less value-generated reasons, and more lining Microsoft's pockets.

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