Crap Crap Crap Crap Crap on a Crap Cracker...SAFE!!!

Yesterday I visited Mathis Bros to learn a bit about where I'd be working, some of the people I'd be working with, and to go through their little HR paperwork seminar. I also got my schedule, which sucks butt, but it's retail and I expected that. The trade off to a crappy schedule is that my boss lady isn't terribly concerned with enforcing a full 40-hour work week, there are short days, only four hours long, and in the third week of August, I'll actually have three days off between Sunday to the following Saturday. These days off I get will mostly be in the middle of the week, a mixed blessing. More time to write, read, play video games, go to the park, etc. When the A.N.T. goes back to school I intend to volunteer this time towards picking her up from school if need be. But at the same time, I'll be working every Saturday, alternating opening and closing each may be a while before I earn a proper weekend. Sunday's I'll work every third one, so I'll get a few weekend days off a few weeks in a row. See...mixed.

Then there's pay...which I even accepted this job over. I won't get my first paycheck until the 22nd. Problem? Some bills are due before that. I mean, I have the money, in savings, so there's going to be some shuffling around as I try to make ends meet. Oh, and my brother is coming into town before I get paid, too! The caveat, however is that in September they do some huge rug sale and there's a chance to make bookoo bucks so I can get back on track pretty quickly. At least, that's what I'm hoping for!

But it's not all downside, boss lady seems pretty laid back and chill. I explained that I like to try and work on the novel when I get the chance (meaning my lunch break) but before I could get that out she showed me this little closet of a room they consider their break room, and two of her employees were sitting in there, one reading and the other on his own laptop. While on their shift. And she didn't mind! Now, I'm not looking to take advantage of a situation, but let's face it, every place has down time, but not every supervisor is willing to recognize that and allow for extended breaks, so the team and management are looking pretty cool right about now. Profit potential, laid back environment, opportunity to work on the novel in severe cases of downtime...hours might suck, but the positives appear to be outweighing what could be considered a negative.

On other positive notes, the car is fixed, it looks official, it started every time I turned the key yesterday. I also continued to work on the novel's timeline, outlining four whole chapters yesterday. I would like to note that much of what I am currently outlining has already been written, but may just need tweaking, for instance a character that was minor in the beginning and became more important later, is now more important in the beginning, which should make some of the plot points easier to deliver. The dogs are asleep, the cats are sunbathing, and the Toot is playing Wii Fit. In the coming weeks, I'm sure I'll be able to deliver less self-centered diatribe as I won't be stuck at home on the couch Facewhoring.

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