These Things...They Are Changing

After three months of unemployment, I have somehow convinced someone to hire me. As of August 1st, next Sunday, I will officially begin my new job as a rug salesman. That sounds comical. Since working for Cingular so many years ago I vowed to stay away from sales, I wanted an office job, work behind the scenes, internal type stuff. But, as time marched forward with very little response from the clerical positions I applied for, sales is in my experience and it does pay well...if you're willing to put up with the bullshit. Hence I didn't want anything to do with it. I did finally apply for AT&T again, even got an interview for that, but this particular agent location didn't pay commission and the base salary was crap compared to unemployment.

BWAH? I guess that goes to show minimum wage is not living up to its name.

Anyway, towards the beginning of July, I see "Rug Sales" at Mathis Brothers. Rug sales? That just sounds silly, fuck it, I'll apply. Next day I get a call, interview the following Monday. Now, the hiring manager is a nice lady, but I actually had to volunteer more information about myself than she was she was trying to convince me to consider the job. Maybe she liked my appearance or demeanor. She explains their base salary is comparable to minimum wage, but that they do get a decent commission based on how much you sell in a month, and the potential is there to make some bucks, upwards of 5k a month. The hours are generally short, but it is a mutating schedule and it looks like you work every Saturday, but get most Sundays off. Will have to close a few nights a week, too. But maybe a little chaos is in order, shake up the schedule, dance on the toes a little to earn what could be my most lucrative compensation ever. The further from the interview I got, the more I thought I might actually want this job, I could pay off my debt and start living comfortably for a change, rather than paycheck to paycheck!

I don't want to sound too desperate, but I called the lady back up a couple days later and she explained she still had some interviews to complete, but she would call me one way or another the following week. And she did, and asked if I would be ready to submit to a drug test immediately if necessary. So I went in for a second interview which was more like a "hi, how ya doin'?" sit down than an interview. Got the papers for the drug test and went and peed in a cup. She had explained she would call me as soon as she could but she would be off Thursday and Friday (the kind of "weekend" I'll probably be having), but she would call me no later than the following Monday. Well, this lady is pretty excited about my prospective employment and actually called me early Saturday morning as I'm playing Final Fantasy and officially offers me the job. So, yeah, I'm excited to no longer be unemployed, part of me is thrilled part of me is nervous. How is the schedule going to affect the family dynamic? Can I really make as much money as it looks? Do I even like rugs?

Let's rewind a bit here, the AmberLynn, a month or so ago, wants to go to a psychic fair being held in a hotel down the street from us. She pays a dude to read some tarot cards for her, and I sit and watch, barely paying attention. She asked about her family, her daughter, and her relationship with me so naturally I come into the equation, but I didn't want to influence the reader or make him feel like he was giving out a twofer. But he obliged and asked me a few questions and deduced that I'm a leader-type person and can sell "anything." Rug salesman. Huh.

Tomorrow I go in for orientation and some preliminary stuff, getting direct deposit set up, paperwork filled out, the usual rigmarole. The car is in the shop right now regarding its intermittent starting issues. They just called saying it was the relay between the clutch and the ignition, hopefully I'll have a dependable machine that actually starts up when I turn the key as of tomorrow morning. But if I'm going to be making thousands more a month than I have been...let's just say I like Mustangs.

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