Do you really?

Passively watching Last Comic Standing last night, one of the comedians said something about the misuse of "LOL." This got me thinking, he said the letters, L, O, & L. I don't say it that way, and I wonder, do others have their own vernacular based on internet lingo? Personally, the acronym for "laughing out loud" has become a word that I say, in my head at least, "Lowell."

I remember back in, what? 1996? I first saw my internet language and emoticons on AOL. As a newcomer to the world wide web, it's chatrooms and forums, it was explained to me what these things meant. Someone said something funny, people wrote LOL or LMAO, ROFL, sometimes a combination thereof. To read those I see "Lowell, laughing my ass off, and roffel." Why does LMAO not get a "word?"

Sadly, none of these words are used appropriately. LOL has become a tag on something that is charming, for me at least, I rarely laugh out loud at things I happens, when it does, I'll actually use one of the more descriptive LMAO and ROFL. However, I neither laugh my ass off or roll on the floor laughing. Could you imagine? Falling off your desk chair at someone's comment and rolling on the floor? I would hope someone calls an ambulance, because obviously you've lost it.

Now that I think about that, though, maybe the world would be better off if we DID laugh as much as we indicate in our text-speech.

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