Corrupting the Youth

As I am currently unemployed and seeking another job, it only stands to reason I should make myself as useful as possible. I have been with the Toot since she got out of school, I was picking her up from school the last two weeks, and it has been swimming, video games, and movies ever since. Now, I don't want the electric bill skyrocketing while I'm home so we do try to limit the time the TV and other appliances are on. I don't know if my guesstimations are accurate, but I figure my laptop doesn't take quite as much power as the 42" plasma, hd dvr, 5.1 surround sound home theater system and Playstation 3/Wii. That doesn't mean we don't entertain ourselves. The A.N.T. (as are her initials) is reading comic books right now as I divulge my depths of depravity.

Yes, that's right, this 11 year old girl is reading X-Men. Sorry Madam AmberLynn, I am turning your sweet little girl into a...wait for it...


Starting last Thursday, her first day off of school, I thought we'd watch a movie at lunch time together. She had expressed a passing knowledge of the character Wolverine (probably because there are cartoons with him and I also have a giant wood cut-out magnet on the fridge), so I of course jumped on that and popped in 2000's X-Men. She enjoyed it, latching onto the character of Mystique. That evening I decided to catch her up on Heroes since nothing was on, Spring and Summer signaling the time you should get out of your house and not watch's obvious television execs do not live in the south or mid-west.

She has watched Heroes the last two seasons with me, and the innocence of her youth allows her to enjoy the melodramatic soap opera that it has become. It was good once, great even, I own the first two seasons on DVD, the two seasons she did not watch when it came on past her bedtime. We watched the series premier and will probably continue on erratically through the summer before new shows crowd the DVR in the fall. Watching it over again, with her, was like seeing it for the first, Heroes was so great...

Anyway, the following day, we continued on with X-Men, watching X2, which we agreed was even better than the first. No time dicking around with introductions, just straight to the meat. We also played Super Street Fighter IV in the evening, a game I had bought for her as a belated birthday present (it came out a month after her b-day).

Today we completed the X-Men trilogy. She enjoyed it of course. I'm not sure where I went right. I've been in her life since she was five, about the same age my own adoptive father came into mine, and she's always been a girly-girl on the surface, loving pink, and kitties, and dolls from Barbie to Polly Pocket. But when it comes to video games and movies, she loves things that kick ass. She is not (oh thank the Heavens) into High School Musical or Hannah Montana, she is into Ben Ten and Star Wars: The Clone Wars. She loves Iron Man, her favorite part of Iron Man 2 being when Tony pees in his suit, not the sappy stuff between him and Pepper, but when the man was drunk and peed!

I have to cherish this, though. She's already becoming a young woman, and with that will come the hormones of a teenager. I like to think I was okay as a teen, I had a Dad who wasn't terribly strict, but also expected me to be responsible for my actions. But sometimes this little one flashes signs of impending "OMG I AM GOING TO DIE!" as teenage girls are wont to do. I just hope she remembers the good-times we shared over video game controllers, super heroes, and the Force.

Step Right Up