At what point desperation?

Yesterday I complained (of course) about my unemployed status and the woes it has put upon me. This morning I applied for a, sort of, customer service position with a local hospital, but while perusing the job listings I came across a "staff administrative assistant" position posted by the Army Reserve. Civilian jobs with the military aren't out of the ordinary. This one pays upwards of $50k a year. Hole.Lee.Shit.


You must join the Reserve to even be considered. Is this a ploy to lure people in? Could someone off the street enlist and be eligible for the position in question outright? It has occurred to me that in the event of an extended bout of unemployment I should consider the military in some capacity. I have a problem with authority, however, in that I don't respond very well to it. Short of an outlined explanation of the value of what it is I'm doing, I'm not much for doing what I'm told for the sake of simply doing it (I got a lot of spankings as a child). But could I, er, "man-up" and run the gamut of basic in order to acquire a career sufficient to support my family and habits?

Fifty thousand a year is nearly twice as much as I can expect to make in anything I'm currently qualified for. Qualified, that is, my job at Hilti was worth more than I was being paid thanks to the sensitivity of the information and data I managed and I did that job, and well. Anyone is capable of those 100k jobs, everyone is a 100k person...given the proper chance; education means squat in the real world. Real world experience, on the job training, and common sense really. I would venture that the military probably provides better training than any school, but that cost.

Step Right Up