I must suck...

So. Hi. My name is JD Buffington and I'm a chronic job-loser.

I started this blog after losing my job at Hilti in April 2010. I wrote about all kinds of BS with no real direction. Random ranting. Sometimes a drawing here and there. Then I started working again at Mathis and anyone reading watched as I went from excited about opportunity to rallying against the man, and most recently having a new iteration of "the man" thrust upon us. That was my last post. As of current, I have been laid off, yet again, due to the very things I said in my last post about how this new guys goals were too lofty to achieve. Not enough sales to justify the workforce. And here I am again.

I've explained, probably a few times, that this obviously isn't the first time I've lost a job due to staff reduction. It isn't the first time I've had an issue with authority, either. What does my girlfriend think of all this? "It's not your fault." Sure, I know that, but I can't help feeling I'm the everlasting dickwad who is perhaps too in touch with his self and unwilling to compromise and sacrifice. I am me, 100% of the time, you meet me today I will be the same JD 10 days from then, months from then, years from then. I've been applying for positions ever since I took the job at Mathis, expressed interest in positions through the temp agency that got me my gig at Hilti, and today, have a meeting with another temp agency to try and double my efforts.

What have I not done? Taken the one thing I love seriously. My writing. My goal, as stated in my very first blog entry was to write 10,000 words a day. Didn't do it. Haven't done it. I've written, to be sure, I've worked on short stories, my novel and ideas, this blog, cartoons...but not on the scale to be professional about it. I disappoint myself, I can't even follow my own rules, I can't boss myself around!

What's my significant other's suggestion? Bartending.

At first I didn't even want to consider the idea, it would still be dealing with the public at large, the hours (or at least those necessary to make bank) would be terrible for a family life. But then she said something else along those lines, maybe eventually open my own bar. Huh. Own my own place, do things my way, dress however the hell I want, be myself, 100% of the time.



I'll look into it, but to be realistic, I'm still looking for my boring-ass clerical job, M-F, 9-5. But this is an idea I might be able to get behind, and if it turns out to be fun and my attitude improves, I may feel more inclined to do the writing thing as well.

I still think something might be wrong with me, but what better job to have, working in a bar? My problems will be like character traits to wear as a badge.

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