I be jealous...

I would like to say, for the record, I have a wonderful voice. It borders between baritone and bass. I'm not a good singer, mind you, but I'm good at talking, narrating, doing voices, yelling. I'm really good at yelling.

I can do several voices from TV: Herbert the Pervert from Family Guy, Bobby Generic from Bobby's World, baby Professor from Muppet Babies, Goldar from Power Rangers. That's right, fucking Goldar. I can also do the Moviefone guy, but I've got my own good voice for announcing and the lack of a distinct dialectal accent helps sell it.

But there's the rub. I haven't SOLD shit, not since choir in high school. But homeless dude from YouTube is an overnight sensation. That's cause he's homeless. Don't get me wrong, it's heartwarming, I'm happy for his good fortune. I don't even want to steal his thunder, but I know I've got a good voice, too. If all it takes is a few hits on the Internet to make my way out of rug hell (god damn it iPhone hell is a word, I do not mean the contraction of he & will stupid thing!), well, I'm not above jumping on the bandwagon!

YouTube, here I come!

Step Right Up