Bye-Bye Ballad of a Bad Boss

I know it's been a long while since last I wrote...anything. But since August I've made entries regarding my new job, and you've been able to see the glee of finding a new job in a terrible economy to wonder just what the fuck have I gotten myself into? Things changed at my new job when I witnessed and became victim of the subtle megalomania of a person drunk with their own power and, well, very simply a nasty person.

After the big meeting we had, the boss acted okay. For about a week. After a failed sale with a customer a notorious salesperson complained about my tactics, to which "Theresa" addressed said concerns. I asked who? She said she couldn't say, and (dumbly, stubbornly, it was stupid to do so, but I did...) I demanded to face my accuser. Here it comes! She complained about not being able to face her accusers and how she very nearly lost her job over things that had been said. I said everything that had ever been said had been brought up and covered in the meeting. To which she complained that those statements had all been out of context and were unfair. Obviously this was very telling of her true feelings, despite saying she was glad everything had come out and we had addressed our issues with each other. After some bickering argument and bringing the conversation full-circle back to my sales tactics, she said she was merely suggesting I work on my tactics and perhaps then I could convince a customer to take home something they weren't looking for. Yes. Sell a customer something they do.not.want. She even realized how stupid that sounded and as I blew her off and simply walked away, I knew this shit was going to get worse.

And it did. Only a few days later was the beginning of a big sales event, the annual inventory blowout, at the very beginning of which I had a housecall scheduled for me while I wasn't there. But I learned from the salesperson and a designer along with me that fateful morning, Theresa had tried to keep me from going on the housecall, she had tried to convince a co-worker of mine to go and split the profits...without consulting me at all. After speaking with "Pat" on the matter, it was obvious things needed to be set in motion above and beyond interoffice communications. It was suggested that I call H.R.

Dun, dun, duuuuuuuunnnnnn!!!

I've never called HR on someone before. You see that poster posted conspicuously in your workplace and never think about it, but when someone is fucking with your income??? Yeah, I suppose it's time to make it a legal matter. I called the number and also spoke with the manager of the entire store. Nothing happened.

Then another event occurred where Theresa berated me and a co-worker, though I stopped her before she could badmouth someone not there to defend themselves (a known pass-time of this woman). I was reaching my wits end. I had recontacted the temp agency that had gotten me work at Hilti, I was actively pursuing other employment, sending my resume out to anything I was qualified for. I sent a tired text message to Pat about how I was just exasperated. She actually called me the next day and we spoke at length, and she told me to just give it a little more time, she promised, "by the 15th" things would get better. The 15th was the end of sales fair.

Those of us stuck under Theresa's tyranny mused on what that could mean, and agreed she surely was going to get the axe. Screwing with people's income potential and fixing a contest to benefit her ex-spouse seemed pretty fire-worthy.

The 9th.

I was off work, Pat calls me, asking if I can come in, she and the owner of the company are there. I apologize explaining I simply cannot, prior engagements had me tied up. After getting off the phone, though, I knew something was up. Later the same day, I get text messages from damn near everyone, "the bitch is gone!"

"What, for the day or for good?"



Second hand accounts tell me Theresa was pulled aside for a private meeting, only to come back, dis a customer (unprofessional to the very last!), yell at two employees, and call me and another worker (while we're not around again!) SNAKES!

I'm sorry I missed it, but I am certainly not sorry she's gone. Yeah, this is an older woman who is now unemployed, but this is a person who simply was not fit to be a manager and cannot be trusted with power of any measure. In her absence, we're becoming aware of just how awry things had gotten under her, how poorly she was truly managing this operation, and how depressed we all really were. I have sold something every day since she has been gone. The other guys are performing at stellar levels as well and Black Friday is nigh upon us.

I'm still not a fan of my retail job, but if we can get ourselves to where we're supposed to be, and we're happy to be where we are, at least I helped see a department find its way out from under a terrible person.

I realize this is getting to be a long entry, but on a closing note, the communication involved in seeing these results, speaking with a person of equal responsibility, to the Human Resources department, and the "head honcho" really does lead to action. There really is no good time to bring up difficult subjects, save for doing so as soon as possible, as close to the offense as possible. Keeping quiet and becoming complacent only gives our villains power over us. Be it a co-worker, your boss, your friends, significant others, the in-laws, or the government...speak about your problems, but keep a cool-head about it. You will only see results when you take action yourself. And you'll be happier for it in the long run.

Step Right Up