I am not an Imam, Rabbi, Preist, or Pastor, in case you didn't know...

Hello blog, it's been a while. I've a new job and it has taken up a lot of my energy, which I am ashamed of. I have not written here, or much of my fiction (I have written and drawn, but not to my satisfaction). This is what I hate about retail. Just when I think I have the time to write in a "down-time" period while at work, I convince myself otherwise. And while I'm at home, I have other duties I need to perform, like sitting on my butt, because it needs comforting rest.

The job is okay, it certainly is retail. Varied customers, varied situations, too many details to really learn or retain, and physically & mentally taxing. I get shit for salary. I need to make my money on commission, however, this month is apparently "slow." Perhaps because school is starting back up and people aren't exactly house-shopping right now. I've sold rugs. Some even high-dollar. But I need to sell a hell of a lot more to make a significant amount on my commission check. This is stressful. The hours are atrocious, also stressful. It is only one item with very little variation in the selling tactics. People want what they want, I basically help them select. So there's the flip-side. But to be perfectly honest, if something else presents itself, I'll probably jump at it, if only for the stability I crave and am used to.

Now on to something that has been in the news entirely too much. This Islamic center that used to be a few blocks down from the WTC in NYC. People are claiming that rebuilding it is in poor taste considering the religion the terrorists were, it would be akin to rubbing salt in an open wound. I can't say that I agree with that sentiment. Those were extremists, and not representatives of Islam. My opinion concerning the issue at hand? Either allow this building and any other of the myriad faiths to also inhabit the area, or prohibit every faith from building in the area. This is a case of all or nothing, in my opinion. But demonstrators on both ends of the spectrum are claiming they have (or have not) the right to be there. Actually I think it's a zoning issue that should be determined by the New York authorities. You have to have licenses for public gathering places, correct? Yeah, the mosque was there previously, but considering we are building a national memorial in this place, perhaps no religion should be allowed to set up shop, therefore allowing for every faith to be present together in a place of mourning. This seems very clear cut to me, but I often try to look at things in the simplest of terms, why make things complicated or emotionally charged? I guess we need our manufactured drama.

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