Did you even read it?

So I finally got a response from the e-zine "Allegory" I submitted to. Here's their response:

Thanks for letting us see "Veil." The narrative style of the story has the effect of making it quite tedious and we also don't get to find out who killed the doctor. That was the really interesting aspect of the story as presented. I'm sorry.

Best of luck with it in other markets and - please - keep trying.

I've never been called "tedious" before...I'll review the story, it is, however conceptual. There's not much of a plot, it's a scenario that plays out with no real resolution. I know this person read the story, because they mention the doctor, but I wonder if they actually understood what they were reading. Because the doctor wasn't killed, and I thought I made it clear...he does die, in an accident, which the main character has a hard time comprehending. No one got killed, I didn't even allude to such an act. From the writer's standpoint I am completely befuddled by this individual's critique.

Now, I can buy the tedious bit, perhaps I am tedious. But this failure on the reader's part, finding interest in a non-existent aspect, did I mislead my reader? Is this a case of actually over-editing my piece to the point that I lost sight of my own story?

Nah, that must just be crazy talk. I don't speak crazy. Tedious? Pssh.

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