Last night as I worked my second real shift at Target (fourth time being there, once for orientation, another to do safety and regulation "training"), I got some excellent news shortly after beginning work.

Let me back up to just a couple of days ago. Before I was hired on at Target, I had continued making applications to several hiring places. One was for a hospital and another was at a specialized materials producer (they make the flexible vinyl-like stuff that gets used for logos on shirts and such). Before I began work at Target, I was invited to a phone interview with the hospital, then I was hired at Target, so being able to take that phone call a week later was going to be cutting it close. As luck would have it, I got out of having to "work" the entire shift because I had already trained on the cash register my first night at Target. That got me out of there a half-hour early and able to take the call. I think it went well. But also! I got invited to an interview for the marketing assistant position with materials producer that same evening. I was still able to pick up the ANT-B from school and get to the interview on time while also avoiding waves torrential downpour. That interview went good as well.

So, I don't hear anything back yesterday afternoon, I can't just up and quit Target, even though I feel like I've got good solid leads elsewhere; I go to work.

Then my phone starts blowing up, the marketing assistant position is mine! It pays a bit more for a bit more hours than Target and it will be flexible when I head back to school, plus, it'll be Monday through Friday and I shouldn't work too much later than six in the evening. I keep my weekends and evenings with my family, even when I return to school! Hooray!

What happens if the hospital calls back and wants to hire you? Idk, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. Though, I think this marketing job pays more and the hours are nicer, so I may have found a base of employment for the next year.

In the interview, I asked if the lady interviewing me had watched Mad Men, because it sounded like the job might be a little like that. She lit up and said that yes, there were some similarities between what they do and what the guys in the art-room of Mad Men did. So...maybe I can live out my fantasy of dressing like Roger Sterling and acting like Michael Ginsberg (sans nipple offerings...maybe).

And who knows? Maybe I'll flourish among some creative types and do well in marketing. But the plan remains to work this part-time job as I return to school later this year. I'm in a happier place. No more retail!

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