So this is the way it is...

To protesters who took to the streets to decry Donald Trump's election, you do your thing, but keep it peaceful. Show your displeasure, show that this President and Republican held House & Senate do not only represent their party, but an entire country filled with many different people.

To those decrying protesters making their statements after the fact, you do your thing, too.  Where were these people when it was time to vote? Why didn't they fight harder in the run-up to election day? But remember that the candidate who won is indeed the most contentious candidate we have ever had, and that trying to shush those upset is exactly why supporters of Trump and his narrative turned out to elect the man. You felt marginalized and silenced, "fly-over states and manufacturing jobbers deserve to be heard," you said with your vote. Don't turn hypocrite and try to tamp down the opposing view.

To our new President-Elect and the Republican majority, let me reiterate, you are representing the entire country, not just your constituents. It is very important to look at the numbers of Election Day and realize that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, and that more than 50% of the country did not vote for Donald Trump. For a guy complaining about a rigged system, it sure seems like it fell in his favor.

You can say he's not your President, but the truth of the matter he is. Our system worked the way it was supposed to, as it was designed, even if it is nonsensical by today's standards and totally unfair by the rules we generally teach our children. And now this on record misogynistic, bigoted, tax evader is the President-elect. He is also at the center of countless lawsuits, unsurprising as he is a business owner, and that may just be par for the course for a business owner. But, in particular is a suit he must be in court for later this month regarding charges of fraud and possible racketeering. And where another case has been dismissed multiple times, in December, allegations of rape will be heard in a status conference to determine once and for all whether or not the matter will go to trial or finally be settled. Regardless of his innocence, presumed or otherwise, the fact remains litigation looms over this man before he even takes Office.

Hillary was under investigation during primary season and like it or not, found not to be worth pursuing a case against...twice. But maybe we should add a caveat (or several) to qualifications to run for President; like, not be currently embroiled in active court cases.

It's bad enough we stereotype politicians as crooks, but when they continue to be criminal, the system is (for lack of a better word and I will not ask you to forgive my French) fucked. If a convicted felon cannot vote until two years after they've completed supervised release requirements, then certainly neither should a convict be allowed to serve as President.

So what happens if Trump is convicted? He could face impeachment day one. Then we'd have Mike Pence as President, and social/cultural differences of opinion aside, this is a man who is literally a threat to his fellow human beings. His first year as Governor of Indiana saw an outbreak of HIV when the one HIV testing center in Scott County's Planned Parenthood facility closed due to healthcare spending cuts on Pence's watch. Oh, and there's that little thing about how he believes in conversion therapy. So, yeah, thieves and murderers (if by proxy) were at the top of the ticket this year and it was a no-win situation.

A glimmer of hope to hold onto here is that the President is typically a figurehead flouting ideas that the House and Senate must work to achieve or defeat and that the first couple of years of a new Presidency is dealing with the last President's loose ends and legacy. That would mean that in two years when we vote on Representatives again, the dichotomy of the electorate could shift dramatically, as two years of ineffectual and vitriolic hand wringing will displease the American people enough to get the whole thing playing musical chairs. I have a sneaking suspicion that, given the GOP's quite vocal distaste for Trump's rhetoric, the next four years will be nothing but a lame duck session. I don't know if anything like that has ever happened. I can also guess that even had Hillary won the Electoral College count, it would have been the same situation for her.

The thing to really hold onto, though, is that the people, We the People, want equality, and gun control, and unity, and pot... So even in a Republican dominated Capitol Hill, there must be centrists and realists that understand the will of the People is stronger than any ideology. 

Trump may be President and he may have a Republican dominated House and Senate supporting him, but the majority of the nation, even if by a very small margin, did not want this. Keep that in mind always. And, I hope, our elected officials remain aware of that fact as well. Do not plunge us backwards fifty years. Do not marginalize the majority of forward thinking youngsters. Otherwise, in just a few a years? You'll all be fired.

There is the tiniest of possibilities Trump could still be stopped:

Please scream this at the listed people, preferably in their faces with much spittle (don't do that, ask politely, pester maybe).

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