Never Trump

Here's the thing: Yes, there is such a thing as "locker room banter" or however you want to call it. People talk shit, people joke and say awful things they don't actually their friends, behind closed doors. Trump's hot mic moment was with a journalist who even said "this is news!" while Trump boasted. This isn't the first or last thing he's said like this. He railed against Alicia Machado in just the last few weeks regarding her temperament and weight. This is a man who has no respect for women. He sees them as objects to posses and this "decade old" (as the media tries to safely couch it) recording only goes to show he doesn't care who knows it. He's proud of himself and his lasciviousness. This wasn't locker room banter, or jokes, or schtick; this was a man trying to impress other men with his sexual prowess. Would you want him near your daughter? Would you want him trying to impress your son?

I've got my problems and qualms with hardliners, Republican and Democrat, but the GOP is allowing this man to represent them, thereby representing their values and aims. Now, I know damn well he doesn't, but he is the man they've accepted as their nominee for the Presidency. You may have serious, legitimate issue with Hillary, but can you really justify a vote for Trump for any other reason? Any? He doesn't represent Republicans. He doesn't represent America. He doesn't even represent the 1%, because that would still mean thinking about literally anyone else besides himself. Donald Trump represents only himself and the industry he created around himself.

I respect and concede that it takes different strokes to make the world go 'round. I'm not going to stop being friends with someone who sees the world differently than I do. That said, anyone who can pretend to actually support and defend Trump, after all of this? This isn't just a grin and bear it situation. Consistently, week to week, Trump has said and done awful, hateful things and shown no remorse for any of it, past or present. His apologies spin out into attacks on others who've done similar. Bill Clinton is hardly the bastion of female respect and admiration, but the man went through a very public trial, in court and the court of public opinion, and grew and changed for the better (mostly, he's not without his gaffs). Trump is Trump is Trump®. He has not changed—for the better, anyway—he is an awful human being and, frankly, to defend him is to condone his actions at this point. Maybe that's a bit strong, but this is the heat of the moment. This isn't art vs the artist. This isn't an oddity out of time and place who's offerings outweigh the person himself. This is for the Presidency of the United States of America. This is serious. He is dangerous.

Step Right Up