Gaming Year in Review: 2015

This year I played over fifty video games and even completed a few!

Notable, I dove into Skyrim and committed to completing it. The reason? Hype surrounding the Witcher 3 and Fallout 4. These huge, grand looking games; I knew I'd have to complete this before tackling yet another one. At the end of the year I "started" Fallout 3, but I'm still tweaking the mods to get the best experience out of the game I can.

Otherwise, I also played some new games! GTA V (for PC) and Super Mario Maker were day one purchases and I'm still playing them here months later. Mario Maker is sort of impossible to mark as completed, especially with Nintendo releasing regular updates including new tools and costumes to unlock. But GTAV I beat the main story and have played GTA Online several times since.

I beat the Nintendo classic Earthbound, which, even cheating, was still mighty tough. Speaking of tough, however, I gave up on the modern classic, Super Meat Boy. When my hands actually ached and the joy was gone, I had to set the controller down and call it quits.

More fun, though, I played online with my buddy Dave (@keebnuts). We beat Iron Brigade, some Borderlands DLC, and Saints Row IV. We recently started up Dead Island, a nice visual break from winter...'cept, the zombies, of course.

Looking forward to continuing to catch up on old games in 2016. Who knows what new entries will demand my immediate attention? Looking at you, Zelda Wii U.

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