Learning to Listen

Friday afternoon I was finally able to share the link to my first narrated short story. The path to reaching that goal was a learning experience in a lot of ways, and now that it's up, I'm sure there's still yet more lessons to be gleaned.

My good friend Josh Crow connected me with up and coming voice talent Ryan James Hall to read THE HOUSE WITH NO DOORS. Ryan's deep, Texan cadence matches the outskirts of Anywhere, USA the story is set in. I have to admit, however, hearing someone else's take on one of my stories was jarring. But I'm happy with the result!

Ryan is going to be a voice you'll hear all over, and soon, I have no doubt. Having him provide narration for one of my short stories was a great experience. I was given a glimpse of how someone else may interpret the words I've written. This collaboration provides a distinct voice for my audience and for the first time I heard one of my stories from my audience's point of view. Hearing your own story as though you've never heard it before is like realizing your child is their own person now. With Ryan's reading, THE HOUSE WITH NO DOORS now has a voice and character all its own. And now it is out there for public consumption. Not just my words and ideas, but an artistic interpretation, a collaboration of ideas and execution that created an experience I can't hope to achieve by myself.

Not only was there the reading, but I also commissioned new artwork to accompany the audiobook release. My cousin Lane Faglie is a talented graphics artist who designed the new cover, offering even his own interpretation of the story through his design. I'm a fan of simple design and Lane delivered beautifully, capturing the sullen nature of the titular house.

Knowing now how others hear and see my stories gives me even more insight into approaching my own work. How does this line really sound? What image does this really create?

Getting this put together was a pleasure and I hope the end result is as enjoyable as it was working to complete the project. I hope you'll consider picking up THE HOUSE WITH NO DOORS for your listening pleasure!

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