My Escapism

In a little under an hour from when I'm writing this very line, Microsoft will take the stage at E3 and blow people's minds. Maybe. I'm not an XBox player so I really don't know. There are a couple of things that I would like to see come out of their presentation, as they often mention things coming to PC as well. One, that Star Wars Battlefront game that got teased last year, please show me more of that. Second, far more desired and lesser likely, confirmation that Grand Theft Auto V will come to PC. I don't even need a release date, I just want to know it's coming. The modding community for the previous entries has made some amazing and infinitely replayable modifications. With a game the size and breadth of GTAV, it could be on par with Skyrim...well, GTAIV kind of is already. It would be even bigger!

Out of Sony I'm excited to see more on Metal Gear, though I don't see myself buying a Playstation 4 any time soon. Maybe as more games come for it that are only there I could be enticed. God of War might do it.

Nintendo is who I am most eager to catch, though. Their event will be digital and air tomorrow morning and I'll be flipping back and forth between work and the internet trying to catch all the news. I'll be doing that today...I'm writing this at work on a little break for crying out loud. Anyway, I've had a Wii U since December of last year, and I have enjoyed it. I beat Little Inferno and New Super Mario Bros U and have been playing the NES Remixes (totally awesome!) and Super Mario 3D World with the ANT. But it wasn't until two weeks ago that I started really putting the machine through its paces. Mario Kart 8 came out and I have been playing it nearly every night since, trying to beat all the tracks with the best possible rating and earning characters and kart upgrades...I'm to the Mirror Mode now and where I've gotten 1st place on all the 150cc races, I have not 3-starred them. It has gotten to soul-crushing difficulty now. It's awesome!

Along with MK8 came a free copy of Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD, and as part of the Deluxe Digital Promotion, I picked up the updated Wii Sports at half-price (still a robbery, but yay! leaderboards!). It was a very good weekend for a Nintendo fan. So, with E3 upon us, I hope Nintendo can crest the wave of enthusiasm made by the newest Mario Kart.

I'd love to see more innovation out of the gamepad. To me it's obvious, it's a living room sized DS, as I mentioned when it was first trotted out. Bring the DS's innovations and there's no reason for anyone to balk at the Wii U anymore...well...maybe at the name. I do still wish they would have named it something else. There are still people confused that this is in fact a different machine.

I'd also love to see new entries in the other storied franchises, Metroid, Zelda, etc. The rumored Mario Maker, a level-editor for classic syle Mario stages, million dollar idea right there. I hope it's for the Wii U and takes advantage of the MiiVerse.

Honestly, the MiiVerse is probably my favorite thing about the Wii U. Facebook for video games, really, but seeing people's drawings, thoughts, reactions to difficult stages or challenges. For NES Remix 2 they added the ability to view someone's last playthrough of a challenge. You can get clues or see how awesome someone's run is...this is the kind of gaming communinty I can get behind, and I have been. I've posted quite a bit of thoughts, stamps, and drawings myself.

Have you got a Wii U or 3DS? My name is Kitradu if you want to look me up!

So, here's to hoping us video game fans get some really great news today. Less than half an hour now!

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