Past, Present, & Prescient

So last week the family was on Spring Break.  We didn't go anywhere, victims of the staycation; hey, who isn't broke these days?  But that's not to say it wasn't fun and eventful.  The daughter celebrated her 15th birthday and got bookoo presents, despite only wanting a couple of books (which she got, Tom Sawyer and the complete Sherlock Holmes for the record).  We watched tv & movies and generally chilled out.  I also continued work on my novel, In the House of In Between (which I'll go on about a little more in a bit), read some more HP Lovecraft, and played video games.

Even though it came out in 2007, I finally got around to playing and beating Uncharted for the PS3.  I was pleasently surprised at how good it still looks, but OH MY GOD it was hard game to play, and I had it on easy.  Maybe I'm lazy, maybe not that great at games, but in a third person setting, I rely on aim-assist.  I need to hit my aim button and snap to my enemy, not suddenly looking down at the ground 90 degress away from my enemy.  Also, I wasted a ton of bullets on pirates' heads without their dying.  My buddy tells me 2 fixed that some, but playing this first game was a grueling chore.  I liked exploring and the story was fun enough to keep me going.  Other than that, said buddy and I played Borderlands together and I also started up the first Darksiders and Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds as well.

The Precious and I also got caught up on True Detective.  I've seen some disappointed reviews of its finale, insisting the Hills Have Eyes ending was an easy way out, that they wanted to see the corruption of the rich and powerful be taken down a peg.  However, I saw the horror of its ending as a reflection of the lack of punishment and responsibility of the oppulent.  If things go unchecked, they will devolve into monstrosities relying on baser instincts.  Besides, peeling back the veil of the powerful and seeing they are more depraved than the lowest of bottom feeders showed that there's not much for knocking down the powerful anyway.  All anyone can do to keep the monsters of reality in check is to arrange the pieces so they're few and far between.  Rust's turn from nihilism to believing in the light wasn't so shocking, he was passionate about righting a wrong, and after going all the way down that hole, it was only "up" after that.  I still think Marty had some growing to do, but there's always that one dick that we continue to love anyway.

I also picked up Cards Against Humanity, though unfortunately I haven't been able to crack into it yet.  I've looked through some of the cards and had a chuckle, but I think the real enjoyment will come from seeing other's choices.

Chores were done as well, and the less said about the ceiling fan I put up the better.

As for the novel, I feel confident it's completed, and short of third party input, I think it's ready for public consumption.  I don't have any announcments or cover reveals at the moment, but I hope to have some exciting news in the next few weeks.  I partook in a "pitch party" on Twitter yesterday, where, for so many hours, you pitch your book in the limited space allowed and literary agents peruse the frothing masses (and there were many) and would favorite those they wanted to see more of.  I got a couple of bites and have submitted some queries.  So, fingers crossed!  My first novel could be my first steps into a much larger world.

This weekend should be quiet again, but next week comes Captain America 2, which I already have tickets for and am so totally ready for.  Warmer weather keeps threatening to dash the cold and I can't wait.  Hopefully I'll get up the gumption to blog some more and offer more news on my writing and views on life.

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