Wading into deep waters...toilet waters...

One time when I was going number two at work, the toilets backed up.  It was a plumbing catastrophe and my bare bum was exposed.  Terrifying?  Indeed.

Short of XBox Live offering free online multiplayer, I was never interested in the XBox 360.  It doesn't look like that's changing so I'm obviously not terribly interested in Microsoft's new system, the XBox One.  However, I wonder what MS is really trying to get at, and what services will be behind that pay-wall of Live once it comes out?  All this television and sports connectivity from one box doesn't really sound that novel to me...since, you know, people already have TV's they watch shows and sports on.  Then there's all the confusion regarding online requirements (which it sounds like you must always be online to have a functional system, which isn't going to work for a LOT of people) and used games (which will alienate a LOT of people) and the always active Kinect which must be plugged in and on always (which will piss off a LOT of people).  Most of what I've read so far from the presser is uninspired and from various opinions is indifferent or unhappy.

I've deleted a lot more than I've written here because I don't want to come off just ripping Microsoft, but I'm having a hard time staying objective.  It just doesn't sound good.  I've already established I'm no fan of theirs, but neither am I terribly pleased with the Playstation 4.  The next generation of consoles, including Nintendo's Wii U, are being built around social experiences.  Connect with more people, share stuff (but not actual physical games on the XBox One), make gaming a larger part of your social existence.  It's neat, I guess, but since I've played games at all, I've always been more interested in single-player experiences.  Online multiplayer pales in comparison to sitting in a room full of buddies, so, despite the free access on my PS3 or Wii, I just don't connect online, not with games anyway.

So where does this leave me as a gamer in a new generation of consoles that aren't tantalizing me?  Well, I am interested in the Wii U, I like the living room sized DS idea, and how the controller screen can interact with the TV screen.  But, it needs that third party support, and so far, it looks like no one is willing to really play in Nintendo's sandbox.  I hope that changes, but I'm positive a new Mario, Zelda, and Metroid will please me regardless of any other developers products.  I'm also leaning back toward PC gaming.  I did it for a bit in the early 2000's, but with many MMORPGs going free to play and Steam's just ridiculously awesome everything approach to gaming, I'm going that route.

Nintendo and PC for me.  And guess what?  I can do social and TV through a PC already, and could for the last several years.  So for all the fancy pants buzz-generating from Microsoft and Sony, they're not providing anything you couldn't get already with a little investment and effort out of PC (and by effort I mean plugging it into your TV instead of a monitor on your desk).

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