You're what?

I'm published! the sense that you can pay money to purchase digital and physical content to make your property a thing that happens to be of my own design and contains a collection of written material that I have been peddling for years.  I will receive a percentage of said money with your purchase.  But the publishing process is entirely of my own making.  There are no agents or contracts, just an extremely neat and helpful online resource called Lulu. allows anyone to put together an eBook or physical paper book (hardback, paperback, picture book, calender, physical media, duh).  I was notified of its existence by a friend, Curtis Allen who had said he was aware of some writers with moderate success using the service.  I've refined my short stories for what has been and certainly feels like years.  So I put them together and put them on sale.

Twelve short stories (one of them is really long) and a script for a western I wrote with Francisco Pena.  PUNCH/PANTS containts fiction, science fiction, horror, a broad range of writing, from old and "bad" to new and "good."  Of course good & bad are relative and now that I have put my stuff out for public consumption the consensus should start rolling.  Hopefully.

That's where you, my legions of fans come to my aid and purchase my book!  My countless invisible non-subscribed readers.  I suppose I should give you some links:

For your digital pleasure on your iPod, -Pad, -Phone, Kindle, Nook, etc, just $2.99:

And for you tactile-dactyls, at $18.00, the trade paperback:

Buy it!  I hope you find yourself entertained!  Share your thoughts!  Oh, and the cover is a painting by my own hand!

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