A Change in Dynamic

I've been meaning to write this post for a few months now. I'm still working, still a temp, but the prospects are good. This job is great, I have nothing to complain about and to explain what I do would bore you, so...no news is good news, right? I'm not the only one with job changes in the family. My dad has recently changed jobs to a place that can't seem to figure out who should work when, for how long, and on what (my dad's a pretty laid back guy, he can go with the flow, but he still likes stability, so the new job isn't exactly making his day). My Precious and her mother have had changes in their jobs as well. The mother-unit works a more normal schedule now (from working 6-3), but that actually threw things out of whack (something remotely funny was here by I was informed that I was just stupid, that is all) for childcare for the A.N.T. who needs to be picked up from school. And then there's the A.L.T., my Precious, who now works 3:30 to midnight. She was sort of forced into this, it has it's positives and (mostly) negatives, but she's willing to stick with it over the summer because she'll be able to take care of the A.N.T. during the day and I can be with her at night.

That's how we've been operating for a while now. We're all caught up on Doctor Who, even old episodes on Netflix. But it takes its toll, having the family split up like this for the whole week. I come home for lunch (the new job is literally down the street from home, for now), so I see the AmberLynn every day, if only for 20 minutes or so. Sometimes we go up and have dinner with her at work, like we did tonight where she aptly put it that this was like visiting a prisoner in jail, she in her scrubs and us all sitting together, only for the kid and I to leave and her to return all alone to her cell/office...at least she doesn't have to pee in there, though.

Anyway, I've written a little, working on yet another iteration of Nachino, a little bit of my movie, and writing here and there on a complete retooling of the western movie I wrote. No longer a screenplay, I've really just lifted my own characters and the core ideal from 1876 Arizona and flung them far into the indeterminate future with interplanetary space travel, ghost ships, alien overlords, cyborgs, and a trio of people who are deeply hurt and seeking revenge (there really is a story in there).

And what am I doing now? Drinking a Bud Select and writing a blog entry for all of three followers...yeah, some of you facebook friends will read this, but I've got to ask myself...when am I going to turn this from public journal to red hot entertainment?

I watched the series finale of SGU last night, and Eli finally stepped up to the plate with his potential and faced space madness with a beautiful smile. I read that an alumnus of my high school is a downtown business mogul looking to take on local government now. I've got a friend who's running her own events and entertainment business. I saw Dean Koontz crazy library full of his own shit on CBS Sunday Morning several weeks back. Osama Bin Laden is dead.

Inspiration is EVERYWHERE...and what am I doing? Wondering what the hell that scraping noise behind me just was. No, seriously, something is in my living room.

But I'm drinking a Bud Select and writing a blog post that a handful of people will read. I've lost my mojo.

In closing, Mortal Kombat, the newest one out a few weeks ago, is friggin' rad. If PSN ever gets back online, I hope to kick some people right in their faces. Maybe then I'll be inspired enough to write something worth a damn. Oh, and Thor, I liked it, I really did, but it felt more like an episode leading to the Avengers than a standalone hero movie, I plan on having a mega marathon of everything Avengers once I have it all on video at home.

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