Transissions Underwear: Don't Go Outside Unprotected

Sorry it's taken so long to finally get up a new strip...huh huh, I said "get up." This is a very lazy attempt, and mostly because I'm fighting with my computer. I think the program I use, a very outdated Photoshop rip-off, is failing. As I scan a clean, crisp new image in and begin work on it, the colors begin to darken and dull. By the time I'm done with one thing and moved on, it is no longer the color I had intended (hence this is a b/w entry). You may even be able to tell the differences in shades of gray from one box to the next in this one. I guess until I get a new computer and better photo-manipulating software or an art program, I'll have to do everything by hand, including colors and lettering. Let me tell you, a fucked up coloring job can ruin an entire comic so you'll understand my apprehension. But I'll try to come up with some more stupidity before long.

Step Right Up